About MITM

About Miracle in the Making

Imagine how much more God could do… In 2009, Shepherd Church gave a total of $1,195,866 to global missions.  It is estimated that with the growth we will experience in our new building, we’ll be able to give $3,000,000 per year to missions by 2020.  That is 3 million dollars yearly to mission work throughout the world in hospitals, schools, orphanages, dental and medical clinics, food distribution centers, birthing centers and churches.  

Currently, we support 27 individual and/or family missionaries who work in the U.S.—and 59 missionaries worldwide—who serve the hungry, thirsty, sick and oppressed in countries such as Mexico, Kenya, India, Guatemala, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, to name a few.  We are making a difference in the world, one life at a time, but imagine how much more God could do through our church.


How much more could God do through a worship center that seats 3,500 people? Compare that with what He is already doing through our current sanctuary, which only seats 1,400. Out of Shepherd, hope and positive change are going forth and reaching real people in the city of Los Angeles and the four corners of the earth! However, with a new building, our growth is estimated to top 15,409 people by 2020, and we can only imagine that in the next decade we could see thousands of more miracles—in the form of many more churches, seminaries, schools, hospitals and workers in the global mission field. 

This project is not about bricks, mortar, or 3,500 seats. It is about growing the body of Christ so that we can serve a world that needs hope, a world that needs to know and see the love of God, in numbers only imagined now.

In the U.S. we support:
  • 131 hospitals total (through Healthcare Chaplain Ministry Association)
  • 9 Bible colleges
Worldwide, over the last two decades, we have worked hard to establish:
  • 2,165 Churches
  • 2 Seminaries
  • 3 Hospitals
  • 4 Schools (English, College, Bible)
  • 56 Medical Centers (including Leper Centers)
In 2009 alone:
  • 3,605 Shepherd of the Hills members worked in some type of mission work
  • 958,936 hours were given towards missions
  • 22,800 pounds of food were given to West Los Angeles, Canoga Park and Antelope Valley
  • 167 homes damaged by natural disasters were rebuilt
  • 400 displaced families were aided with food and tents
  • 9 Bible colleges