When considering when to start this project, we were not sure that there would ever be a “perfect” time; we knew that moving forward on this project now would present certain challenges.  However, based on the need, we knew the time was now.

We also knew that God would need to perform a miracle for us to complete this project -- not only a miracle of resources, but a miracle of faith in each and every person here at Shepherd to believe and trust that God will provide.  We serve a BIG God and are confident that what HE is doing at Shepherd is, in fact, a Miracle in the Making.

What is Miracle in the Making?

Miracle in the Making is a three-year commitment program that will give us the opportunity to honor all that the Lord has given us by increasing the influence of Christ in the lives of people in Porter Ranch, surrounding areas and globally.  God can use us to accomplish His will for His church, and use us to meet the needs of our community and future generations for Christ.

What is the cost?

The current estimate for construction of all phases is $43 million, of which we already have $10 million.  As the theologian John Henry Jowett said, “Ministry that costs nothing, accomplishes nothing.”

How was the decision made?

Our leadership is consistently praying about the future of Shepherd Church. Over the past several years, the focus of those prayers has been on how to facilitate and accommodate the incredible growth and favor God has given our church. As a result of those prayers and exploring other avenues of ministry, such as our church plants and other campuses, we are confident that the most effective next step for our church is to expand our current Porter Ranch Campus.

What can I do?

You can begin now by praying for God’s direction concerning your gift towards Miracle in the Makiing. Spend time in prayer and meditation on God’s Word as you seek to discover His will.  The amount He leads you to give will be the right amount. (2 Corinthians 8:11-14).

How long do I give?

Miracle in the Making is a three-year commitment program beginning November 20-21. You will receive a commitment card and be asked to fill out the card with the amount you intend to give as your “First Fruits” offering and the balance of your commitment to the program.  You may give weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or in a lump sum.  Most people prefer a system of regular weekly giving; however, you should make your decision based on God’s will and the best method for you.

What about my regular giving?

Your commitment to Miracle in the Making should be an amount God leads you to give over and above your regular tithe and offerings.  We must maintain our giving to the operating budget so that day-to-day church operations will be unaffected.  You can still write one check.  Simply note MITM in the check’s memo field.

How should I give?

On November 6-7, we are asking you to make a commitment to Miracle in the Making for the three-year commitment period, which begins on November 20-21.  Your commitment may be given in weekly, quarterly or even yearly amounts.

Second, on November 20-21, we are asking you to give a portion of your pledge in a one-time “First Fruits” gift.  This offering is part of your commitment that you can give “up front” to help with the initial costs of Phase I.  Involve your whole family in determining a specific amount for your “First Fruits” offering.

Third, you may give gifts of assets.  In addition to monetary gifts, you may give real estate, stocks, bonds, coins, gold, collectibles, etc.  For information or assistance with giving assets, please contact Margo Ugalde at the church office, 818.831.9333 x136.

There are many more ways to give, so please visit our website MIRACLEinthemaking.com.

How will I know how much to give?

The Bible says, “Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessings of the Lord, your God, which He has given you.”  (Deuteronomy 16:17)  Pray daily and allow God to open your heart and direct you about your commitment.  Through prayer and reflection, you will know what to give.

Will my contributions be made public?

No, absolutely not.  Only the total of all commitments received by our entire church family will be announced on “Rejoice Weekend,” December 4-5, 2010.

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